Mona Lisa is perhaps the most famous painting of all time and was painted by Italian Renaissance artist, Leonardo da Vinci. brings you information on this classic portrait painting plus also offers you the chance to buy your own reproduction of it as a framed art print, poster or stretched canvas from the links included below. The portrait is much discussed because of the ambiguity over the emotion to be found in the subject, and no clear conclusions have ever been drawn. See an image of the Mona Lisa below, which you can save as a desktop background.

The Mona Lisa painting was something that artist Leonardo da Vinci worked on for many years, constantly tweaking elements of it to an almost obsessive level that is rarely seen within today's art scene. It seems that the Mona Lisa was a work which held great importance to the artist which caused his to constantly seek slight alterations in order to exactly capture the look that he wanted within the portrait.

The original Mona Lisa was a oil on poplar panel which was a common technique at that time, but very rare nowadays. The French Goverment purchased this classic painting and it is now displayed within the nation's most important art gallery, The Louvre, which holds an extraordinary collection of classic art since the Middle Ages, which helps to represent the massive role that this country has played with in the development of European art over that time.

Leonardo da Vinci was an immensely talented artist who was fundamental to the Renaissance movement that arose across Italy led by his own innovations plus those of fellow Italian, Michelangelo. These two were then added to by other painters who were equally skilled but perhaps less diverse, being involved in only a few art mediums. Leonardo da Vinci would never settle for painting classics like The Last Supper and Mona Lisa, continuing his talents into other areas such as Architecture, Sculpture, Drawing and even invention.

Lisa del Gioconda was the subject of this famous portrait and her name will always remain well known within art circles because of it. Lisa del Gioconda herself was part of the Gheradinis who were a very wealthy family from the Italian regions of Florence and Tuscany. At this time the best artists such as Leonardo da Vinci were normally limited to painting for only the few that could afford to commission paintings for them, normally being either the powerful Italian religious insitutions or wealthy families such as the Gheradini family as involved here.

Lisa del Gioconda must be one of the most studied women in history, and specifically her appearance within this painting as so much controversy and discussion has been raised about this painting which can perhaps claim to being the best known painting of all across the world, which is no mean feat. It is specifically the undefined appearance of the portrait which leaves the viewer wondering about the lady's emotions at the time of the painting, whether happy or sad, it is difficult to determine.

This classic oil painting is extremely popular as a reproduction for the many Leonardo da Vinci fans who exist all around the world, with the artist's reputation showing no signs of dying even some 500 years after his considerable contributions were made. The most frequent reproductions of the Mona Lisa original painting are made as framed giclee art prints which match the classic style of the work, though others also like poster and stretched canvas forms of it instead.

Leonardo da Vinci achieved international fame thanks to a broad career filled with achievement and innovation. Many exhibitions occur frequently within Europe and North America with various selections of his original works, such as his paintings or his drawings and all displays of his works consistently achieve great interest. Da Vinci is seen as a true Renaissance figure alongside Michelangelo, and this art movement is believed to be the very first catalyst behind the rise of European art from the Middle Ages on to what we enjoy today with all the various contemporary movements.

List of Leonardo da Vinci Paintings & Drawings

Leonardo da Vinci was an inspirational member of the Italian Renaissance and his portrait of The Mona Lisa was just one of a great number of impressive paintings and sketches to have come from his career, with the best listed below:

  • Mona Lisa
  • La Gioconda
  • The Last Supper
  • The Vitruvian Man
  • Female Head (La Scapigliata)
  • The Virgin of the Rocks (The Virgin with the Infant St. John Adoring the Infant Christ)
  • Flying Machine
  • Archimedes Screws and Water Wheels
  • Fight Between a Dragon and a Lion
  • Annunciation 1472-7
  • Testa di Giovinetta
  • Study of Female Hand
  • Testa di Giovinetta
  • Sketch of a Roaring Lion
  • The Battle of Anghiari after Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Giant Catapult
  • Excavating Machine
  • Detail of the Angel, from the Virgin of the Rocks
  • St John the Baptist
  • Study of Drapery
  • Horse and Rider
  • Sketch of a Horse
  • The Virgin and Child